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Inspect 724 is a cloud managed solution meaning that the applications and data are hosted on our secure servers.  Your employees log into Inspect 724 using an internet connected PC. The cloud model eliminates the problems and costs affiliated with managing software and servers in your business yourself.  The cloud model allows a business to focus on their strengths and eliminate the headache of internally managed software.  For small and medium sized businesses the cloud model means a much lower cost of business related to the line-of-business applications needed to operate the business. 
The simple math behind the cloud models explosive growth is as follows...  Take a business with 20 field sales/service employees and 5 internal employees for sales & administration a total of 25 employees. 
At $30/month/user the total yearly cost for all 25 employees is just $9000!  How would it be possible to manage your own software/servers and have full time programmer/IT person on staff for only $9000?
Thats roughly $1 per day per user, and includes full application access, secure hosting & backup!


Our customers are provided with a private & secure database that is not shared with any other customer. The mobile device applications used by your field inspectors and maintenance technicians are designed to synchronize with the Inspect 724 host server and directly into your database.  Most importantly our database servers are not at all visible from the public internet so they cannot be connected to by anyone outside of our administrative staff.  You also have full control over your customers accounts for access to the customer web portal.  All employee and portal accounts are controlled by your own administrators.


We have been providing cloud-2-mobile solutions for 10 years and process roughly 85K sales/work orders and 1000's of inspections each month for our customers currently using our cloud managed products.
The features provided in the software ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently and have 10 years of transactional experience behind them.  Our solutions and proven and tested and will provide your business with an amazing advantage over your competitors and improve your customer & employee satisfaction greatly.


Please check the PRICING page to get further detail on pricing as it relates to the specific edition of Inspect 724 you are interested in.  You will find our pricing is the best on the internet by far!

  • INSPECT 724 is used to profile, track and inspect virtually everything!

    Agricultural - cattle and production related assets
    Automobile inventories
    Buildings & property assets
    Construction equipment
    Electrical components
    Elevators and escalators
    Manufacturing facility tools and equipment
    Medical & Health assets
    Military hardware
    Nuclear plants and power generation assets
    Service & repair tools
    Marine - Marinas

    INSPECT 724 reduces costs & risks related to errors and increases productivity & satisfaction!
    With over 10 years of providing cloud managed services you can count on us for great service!

INSPECT 724 Benefits

Centrally organized

With just one place to look it will be easier to manage costs and risks by ensuring that all required inspections and repairs are completed on time.

Inspect / Repair

Inspections are performed more often & by your own building technicians.  Photo and voice capture capabilities ensure issues are clearly documented for faster resolution.

Time saving

Login, review and update assets, issues & inspections in seconds.  Inspect 724 puts more time into your day by eliminating paper, clutter and confusion from incorrect/lost data.