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Certificate Management

A big challenge for every busy inspection business is managing the huge flow of inspection & maintenance certificates.  Inspect 724 understands these challenges and has created a solution unlike any other.  Please review our differentiating features!

Inspection Certificates
Correcting & verification of certificates should not be difficult to do.  While most inspection and mainteanance certificates will come from your technicians using the Inspect 724 rugged device or tablet it is possible to create and update certificates while logged into Inspect 724.  The device/tablet is designed to make performing inspections and mainteance tasks easy to do and automatically tracks the time for each task.  The devices allow the technician to take photos and also record a dictation for each inspection point checked.  The result is an excellent report with photographs.  The voice dictations are only for your service manager to assist with the task of creating repair quotations for deficiencies identified during the inspection.  Just review and send to portal!

Inspection Certificates
We created our own certificate document generator so we can create the right look for each unique customer.  Customized with your logo, address information & choice of icons representing ok/not-okay for inspection points our certificates provide a clean professional look that your customers will appreciate.  Certificates look identical when viewed in the web portal or on-line at Inspect 724 as they do when printed.  Signatures appear at the bottom, we can also add your customers logos if preferred to personalize the certificate a little more.  The most recent profile photo of the equipment is also displayed on our reports.  A separate deficiency report is also provided which includes photographs of equipment than needs maintenance along with the technicians notes.

Customer Portal for YOUR customers to useSelf-service access to information greatly reduces support calls from your customers and also improves the experience of working with your company.  Our customers have told us that they experienced an 80% reduction in support requests from their own customers who were calling to understand maintenance/inspection schedules & get copies of completed inspection/maintenance certificates.  Your customers can now do all this themselves.
-Your customers can review schedules and download/print their own inspection/maintenance certificates 7/24.
-Decide what quotes/orders you want published to the portal for your customers to review & approve/decline.
-Portal sends messages to all parties when customer makes specific choices on received quotes & orders.


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