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Customer Management

With the customer management features you have a large number of capabilities that make it easy to provide excellent support on many levels. Please review these features below and feel free to contact us for more detail.

    Customer Management
    Customer management systems need to have great flexibility when adding contacts.  We organize our customer database in a 3-tier heirarchial structure so that each customer added may have unlimited ship-to locations and unlimited contacts in each of those ship-to locations.  In many cases there is an administrative contact with higher authority than other contacts in the same company.  Settings that help control access to information published to the customer portal are easily managed so only authorized access is possible. 


QUOTE & ORDER MANAGEMENTInspect 724 - Customer Features
When working with the customer management forms you have full access to all of the past quotes & orders ever created for the customer.  It is easy to review individual customers sales quotations & orders.  You may also email, fax or print the past quotations and orders as needed from this form. 

Customer ManagementThe
equipment management features are very important to an inspection business.  Keeping detailed records on the equipment being inspected or maintained is important to lower your risks & liabilities as well as improve your customers satisfaction about your knowledge of their assets.  Equipment records are automatically created when inspections are uploaded.  Inspection forms may be created for vitually any type of equipment using the on-line inspection form designer features, and they are used on our inspection devices to perform the inspections. 

SCHEDULE HISTORYInspect 724 - Customer Features
Within the customer management forms is the SCHEDULE HISTORY tab.  On this tab you can change customers, choose specific start and end dates and instantly review all past scheduled service calls ever performed.
The ability to filter by specific ship-to location is also provided.



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