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ERP - Engineering & Maintenance Edition
Business Dashboard

The business dashboard is a key component of our solutions.  With the dashboard everyone is aware of what everyone else is doing, especially the high priority items.  The dashboard makes it easy to keep things from falling through the cracks.

    Knowing what is going on in your business should not be kept in the memory of just the person doing the work!
    Everyone who logs in is presented with clear listings of every quote, order, invoice, and scheduled job currently in progress.  This makes it easy to see the entire business with a simple one page review.  Click on any item in the dashboard and you are instantly taken to that specific task.  You can update quotes, orders and schedules with a few simple mouse clicks.  You can return to the dashboard from anywhere with 1 click!

  • What can you review on the business dashboard?

    Quotes (To be approved) Work Orders (To be approved) Requisitions (Open) Requisitions (Work order items)
    Quotes (Approved Work Orders (Approved) Work Orders (Not yet scheduled) Service quotations (To be created)
    Orders (Completed) Work Orders (Completed - not processed) Work Orders (Scheduled) Work Orders (To be rescheduled)


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