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Rugged Devices & Tablets

Your business needs reliable technology when dispatching technicians to remote locations.  Ensuring the job will be completed requires the highest quality devices that can handle any hostile environment.  Think rugged!

    Rugged Devices
    Knowing that your inspection & maintenance personnel will be able to perform their tasks when they arrive at the job site is critial to your bottom line and reputation.  Inspect 724 created the mobile inspection & maintenance application with that in mind.  Developed & verified on the Motorola Solutions rugged device platform you can be assured that your technicians will always be prepared for the job.  While some businesses try to use non-rugged devices to lower costs in the long term it becomes clear that devices in hardened cases are needed to survive hostile environments, continue working and provide the most return on investment of our your hardware purchases.  It only takes one drop for a non-rugged device to be damaged beyond repair, can you afford that?

    Inspect 724 - Tablet Edition
    The Inspect 724 tablet edition is a great tool that presents your technicians with a clear easy to understand user interface.  Orders, parts, tools & resources, and the technicians assigned to the work orders are all visible on the first form.  Maps and directions are available via internet. Dispatch your orders from the Inspect 724 scheduling & dispatch console and technicians download to their tablets in seconds.  Technicians may create unlimited tasks and assign individual or groups of technicians to each task.  Time spent on tasks is calculated by technician.
    Connect tablet with your cell phone via wi-fi hot spot or bluetooth tethering.  In most cases there is no extra charges for tethering.  Consult your cellular carrier for more details on tethering support and associated fees.

    Supports most all Microsoft Windows® XP, 7, 8 - Netbooks, Notebooks & Tablet PC's - Minimum screen size recommended is 8.9"
    PRICE $FREE  (Requires active Inspect 724 subscription)
    (Hardware sold separately)

    Inspect 724 - Device Screen Captures
    The Inspect 724 mobile edition provides all of the capabilities of the tablet edition in the palm of your hand.  Available on a number of different devices supporting both the 320x240 as well as the 640x480 device resolutions.  In all cases the device must be capable of supporting Microsoft Windows® CE or Microsoft Windows® Mobile v5.x-6.5.  The device must also have a rectanglular screen as the forms have been designed to maximize the screens to the fullest.  Technicians become familiar with the software quickly as it guides them through creating an inspection or maintenance tasks.  Time & parts are all captured and sent back to Inspect 724 whent he job is completed.  Work orders are automatically updated with the added parts/time when appropriate.

    Supports most all Microsoft Windows CE/Mobile v5-6 rugged devices - Screen must be rectangular
    PRICE $FREE  (Requires active Inspect 724 subscription)
    (Hardware sold separately)

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