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ERP - Engineering & Maintenance Edition
Project Management

With the project management feature it is easy to prepare both engineering and shop related tasks and create dependencies on those tasks so that they do not start before the previously designated task is completed. 

Shop ProjectsKeeping shop technicians and engineers busy is key to quality production and reduced project times.  The project manager provides a powerful interface for creating a series of tasks for a specific project need.  Task dependancies are set with a mouse click ensuring that technicians and engineers are not asked to perform tasks that cannot be done due to missing parts or prior work on the equipment.  Tasks are presented on the shop floor with a touch screen display.  Shop technicians just login to the console and select a released task.  Only a few taps are required to select and start a task.  As tasks are completed the shop technician logs in and selects the status of the task.  The project manager can review updated tasks throughout the day from anywhere.

Shop ProjectsInspect 724 includes a simple to use shop floor console application designed to run on touch screen enabled consoles from Motorola Solutions. As you assign tasks for your shop floor technicians using the project & task manager they become visible in the the shop floor console.  Technicians log in and are presenting with their specificially assigned tasks.  Just tap on a task and tab START.  Once the task is completed the technician logs into the console and taps STOP, it's that easy. 

Tasks are only available for selection after dependant tasks are completed.  For example you cannot see or choose a job to cut pipes if they have not arrived from your supplier.  And thats why we have tied in a receiving application into the console application.  Receivers may choose from a list of products that have been ordered and choose to receive all or some of the items.  Partial receiving is important so that decisions may be made about whether or not to release tasks that are dependant on receiving a full order of supplies.  Release tasks and override the dependancies with a mouse click.

The Inspect 724 - SHOP FLOOR & TASK CONSOLE application is FREE!   (Hardware sold separately)
Touch screen console displayed is the Motorola Solutions - MK4000 MICRO KIOSK
All Microsoft Windows® touch screen consoles are supported - requires minimum 12" display

We will customize the console application to perform other tasks as needed.


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