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ERP - Engineering & Maintenance Edition
Quotation & Order Management

Our quotation & order management features have been created with the goal of reducing as many redundant tasks as possible to assist with the creation, updating and approal processes.  Take a moment to become familiar with these great features.

    Quotes & Orders
    Making sure deals are profitable is a big concern for business owners.  Part of that profit comes from how much time it takes to create and keep track of orders.  The quote/order manager includes these capabilities below:
    -Connected with the catalogue and pricing set by customer pricing level.  Ability to override.
    -On board profit calculator makes ensuring that every item added to the order provides maximum profitability.
    -SKU builder, create SKU's and use them when creating quotes and orders with many parts to save time.
    -Annual inspections feature makes it simple to create an order for annual inspections & mainteanance.
    -Copy quotes into other quotes or orders, excellent time saver, just copy and choose new customer and email.

Quotes & Orders
Preparing a work order for an annual inspection should not be a difficult task.  Our annual inspection feature makes choosing all or a few items a clear and simple process. 

Equipment items may be filtered by ship-to location when needed.

The Inspect 724 - Mobile edition shows the equipment tag numbers so matching inspection requests with actual equipment is much easier for the technicians.

Quotes & Orders
Creating quotations for deficiencies found during inspections could not be easier with our repair quoting feature.  Just choose a customer and see all deficiencies that need to be quoted for repair.  A few clicks and your quote is created and repair line items are added.   You can also add parts at the same time allowing you to complete the quote all from the one form.

Service manager's & sales representatives responsible for service quotations won't fear those large annual inspections anymore!

Quotes & Orders
Creating your own SKU's has never been easier.  The SKU manager is tied into the product catalogue.  Just create a new SKU number or name and begin adding products.  You can create unlimited SKU's and once created they save your sales staff a lot of effort.  After the SKU is added to the order all of the parts in the SKU become visible so they can be futher modified for specific specifications.  When orders are printed a single line is presented that represents the part number.  The parts in the SKU are always hidden from the order and invoice if you release them to your customer portal for approval or whenever they are printed.

Quotes & Orders
Viewing comments regarding your customers can be very useful when creating multiple orders for the same customer throughout the year.  Over time the purchasing policies & managers representing your customers change.  The comments feature shows only the comments specific for the customer whose quotations/orders you are working on.  This feature can be invaluable for new sales personnel not yet familiar with the details of creating orders for your customers.  Comments may be created/edited using the comment manager within the customer manager form.  There is no limit to the number of comments you can keep on file for a customer.
There are general & specific comment categories and may be linked to specific ship-to locations and equipment.

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