Inspect724 - Inspection Solutions

ERP - Engineering & Maintenance Edition
Customer Web Portal

Creating a great customer experience begins with your ability to provide a community experience.  The customer web portal does just that and more.  Reduce your support calls for copies of certificates, quotes, orders, service schedules & more!

Customer Portal for YOUR customers to useSelf-service access to information greatly reduces support calls from your customers and also improves the experience of working with your company.  Our customers have told us that they experienced an 80% reduction in support requests from their customers calling to understand maintenance/inspection schedules and get copies of completed inspection/maintenance certificates.  With the portal your customers can do this themselves.
-Your customers can review schedules and download/print their own inspection/maintenance certificates 7/24.
-Decide what quotes/orders you want published to the portal for your customers to review & approve/decline.
-Portal sends messages to all parties when customer makes specific choices on received quotes & orders.

Inspect 724 - Workforce ManagerManaging your customer web portal membership is a snap in Inspect 724.  Add/edit/remove members with a few mouse clicks.  Reset passwords, review membership details, your membership is all in one convenient place!
You manage the web portal membership using the workforce features in Inspect 724.

Your customers will enjoy having 7/24 access to their work order schedules, quotation & sales order history, inspection & maintenance certificates as well their equipment manifest.
Reduce your support calls by as much as 80% or more by implementing Inspect 724 - ERP Edition!

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