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ERP - Engineering & Maintenance Edition
Workforce Management

The workforce manager was developed as part of our first cloud-2-mobile solution 10 years ago and is used in every cloud application we have made since!  The workforce manager puts you in charge of managing the security of your employees using Inspect 724 and also your customers accessing the web portal.  With a few mouse clicks you can enable/disable privileges.

Inspect 724 - Workforce ManagerThe workforce manager has over 35 different settings available for most users.  It is very simple to change user settings and in general access to the workforce manager is limited to your administrative staff.  The workforce manager provides a number of features for your mobile device fleet as well.  The workforce manager ensures that your mobile devices are in perfect sync with the Inspect 724 host server and that your inspection form database is always mirrored with your inspection devices.  When a work order is dispatched to perform a new inspection the device will be ready and have that specific inspection form available during the job.

Inspect 724 - Workforce ManagerUse the resource manager to a add your vehicles, trailers, work site equipment and tools.  Resources that you add here are available at the time of dispatch.  As work orders are scheduled it is possible to select specific resources that need to be used for the service call.  The Inspect 724 device shows the technician what resources must be loaded before leaving for the work site.  This helps to ensure a smooth day free of issues related to missing equipment and tools.

Inspect 724 - Workforce ManagerManaging your customer web portal membership is a snap in Inspect 724.  Add/edit/remove members with a few mouse clicks.  Reset passwords, review membership details, your membership is all in one convenient place!

Your customers will enjoy having 7/24 access to their work order schedules, quotation & sales order history, inspection & maintenance certificates as well their equipment manifest.

Reduce your support calls by as much as 80% or more by implementing Inspect 724 - ERP Edition!

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