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Stay organized with Inspect 724 - Property Manager Edition

INSPECT 724 - PROPERTY MANAGER edition is designed for busy administrators and building technicians to simplify keeping track of building assets and their on-going inspection and maintenance requirements.  Substantially reduce your paper work, stress and operational risks and at the same time increase safety and security with powerful features that help to catalogue and organize all equipment located on the property.  Managing issues, inspection & maintenance schedules is a snap once the equipment is profiled in Inspect 724.  All features presented below are included for a low montly fee and is based on the number of units being managed. Get organized the easy way and keep on top of the overwhelming number of details and facts related to property management.

Already have your assets saved in a spreadsheet or other program?  
We can import them for you at no extra charge.  Once we have completed the import process you may login and upload pictures of your assets using your own camera or (optionally) with our mobile asset capture and inspection device software. (hardware sold separately)

Knowing what is going on in your building, facility or campus should not be kept in the memory of just the person  doing the work!  Everyone who logs in is presented with clear listings of important events scheduled and all outstanding issues reported.  It's easy to see what your priorities should be with a simple one page review. 
Update issues with a few simple mouse clicks.  Return to DASHBOARD from any issue with just a single mouse click!
-Everyone see's what's happening in the building, facility or campus without looking through binders and loose paper.
-Issues are tracked by their age and change color as they get older.  Instantly understand details about each issue.
-Access and manage events and issues from any internet connected PC, safe & securely.

Asset Manager
Equipment in your building, facility or campus needs attention at some point in time. The ASSET MANAGERS purpose is to provide a clear profile record of what every equipment item and asset on the property is and looks like.
Once items are added to the ASSET MANAGER they may be linked to specific contacts for insurance, inspection, maintenance or contractors.  Upload and link documents such as original sales invoice, certificates for inspection, insurance and maintenance as well as specifications & instruction manuals.  Everyting about the equipment is in one place and always available. Open issues logged for the asset will also be displayed in the DASHBOARD.  Reduce your paperwork and stress from tracking open issues the hard way and increase safety & security with Inspect 724 today!

Inspect 724 - Inspections
The INSPECTION MANAGER features make adding inspection schedules for profiled equipment easy. Setup recurring inspection/maintenance schedules and assign contractors or your own technicians to perform the work.  Set specific periods & dates when the equipment item will be inspected & maintained.  Inspections include photographs and voice dictation and our rugged inspection devices & tablet application links the pictures and dictations to the inspection with no extra work. The inspection schedule is sent to your Inspect 724 devices/tablets. Technicians are reminded when to perform important tasks when they log in. Once the inspections are uploaded adjustments can be made on-line. Quickly turn inspections into purchase orders for repair/maintenance requests & send to contractors via email.

Inspect 724 - Issue Manager
With the ISSUE MANAGER it is easy to add and update issues as they are reported and repaired. Issues are connected to specific equipment assets.  When an inspection is performed on the mobile device and a deficiency is detected an issue will be created automatically for that equipment asset.  With a few mouse clicks you can prepare the purchase order and email to the vendor who will perform the maintenance on the asset.

Inspect 724 - Purchase Orders
Sending purchase orders to vendors and contractors has never been easier.  With the PURCHASE ORDER MANAGER it is easy to generate a purchase order in seconds. INSPECT 724 will then send your purchase order to your vendor or contractor by email directly.  Or you can download to your PC or just print it.  Save time and reduce errors.

Inspect 724 - Contact Manager
With the CONTACT MANAGER it is easy to add contacts that you communicate with on a regular basis. Contacts may be connected with specific equipment assets. For example, who insures the asset, who repairs it?   Contact records are never duplicated and once added may be linked to multiple assets located in different properties.  After performing an inspection you may need to send a purchase order to a contractor for maintenance, INSPECT 724 does all of this for you and uses the email address in the contact database to send the purchase order electronically.


Inspect 724 - Account Manager
With the ACCOUNT MANAGER it is easy to add & update users that you grant access to. New account users must be set to have administrative or read-only (viewer) rights.  Administrators have full access to all asset information and viewers may only review the information and have no ability to modify or delete information.  Reduce on-going support calls by providing an account to authorized users so they may login at their leisure and review the status of reported issues.  Create an account for trusted contractors and vendors so they may pro-actively review issues and provide support when needed.

Report Manager
The REPORT MANAGER produces reports instantly and may be filtered by date.  Reports for assets, inspections and schedule are available.  Reports may be exported as PDF, XLS and test.  Custom reports available on request.

Inspect 724 - Device Photographs
The INSPECT 724 device makes capturing profiles of new equipment assets and on-going inspections easy.  Equipment assets profiled are stored on web and device.
Multiple photographs of the asset may be taken in both the asset profile record as well as each and every inspection of the asset.  Photographs are automatically connected with the profile record & inspection so no extra steps are required before or after uploading to the INSPECT 724 server.  As soon as the INSPECT 724 device has uploaded all of the profile records, inspections and photographs everything is immediately visible and organized on the INSPECT 724 - Property Manager edition site for you.

Pictures may also be taken on your own camera and uploaded from your PC to the site directly using our easy to use upload feature.  All pictures you have uploaded may be emailed or saved to your PC at any time.

You can delete pictures and change which picture is the primary photograph for the equipment asset.  The primary photograph is the picture stored on the INSPECT 724 mobile inspection device. (devices sold separately)

Devices may be purchased directly from STYLUSOFT (parent company of Inspect724) or you may lease the device with the software for just $75.00 each month per device.  (lease offer requires minimum 3 year contract)

Tablet Edition
The TABLET EDITION is designed for anyone who prefers a larger screen when performing inspections.  As with all mobile Inspect 724 editions the tablet edition is designed to work where you are.  With it's own database on board you can work anywhere.  Capture new assets, update assets and perform inspections without the need for wireless communications.  Select your location and all known assets are displayed.  Assets scheduled for inspection are listed in a separate listing making it easy to see what needs to be inspected.  As you inspect assets the next inspection date is automatically calculated based on the inspection frequency set in it's profile at Inspect 724.  Once inspected the asset is removed from the schedule making it clear what assets remain to be inspected.  Voice dictation and photographs captured during the inspection remain linked to the inspection when uploaded to Inspect 724.  Log into the Inspect 724 host site and with the click of a button your certificate, report or P.O. is ready for email or printing!

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